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Woe is I
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Author Unknown: On the Trail of AnonymousAuthor Unknown: On the Trail of Anonymous by Don Foster
An English professor and literary detective describes his work in the field of literary forensics, explaining how his study of the use of language can help determine the writer behind a variety of anonymous documents, and discusses his successful efforts to identify the author of Primary Colors and his contributions to several high-profile criminal cases.

Damn! Why Didn`t I Write That?Damn! Why Didn't I Write That? How Ordinary People Are Raking in $100,000,00...or More Writing Nonfiction Books & How You Can Too! by Marc McCutcheon
More nonfiction books are breaking the 100,000-copy sale barrier than ever before. Amateur writers, housewives, and even high school dropouts have cashed in with astonishingly simple best-sellers. This guide, by best-selling author Marc McCutcheon, shows the reader how to get in on the action by identifying lucrative publishing niches and filling them, not once, not twice, but year after year.

The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published BookThe Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book by Susan Page
Publishers buy new book ideas every week. Why not yours? Whether your book consists of a few notes on the back of a napkin or a completed manuscript, Susan Page's proven system will make your dream of successful publication come true. A bestselling author and leading consultant to other writers, Susan Page knows the difference between common industry wisdom that doesn't work and the precise, easy-to-follow strategies that actually get results. In this breakthrough book, she leads you away from the obstacles that often delay and frustrate writers and introduces the twenty essential steps for success.

Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can WriteNonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write: How to Get a Contract and Advance Before Writing Your Book by Elizabeth Lyon; Natasha Kern
Many writers, and aspiring writers, don't realize the opportunities that exist in the nonfiction book market. This book shows them how to take advantage, with topics including subject matter research, creating marketing plans, and writing a strong "About the Author" section. Also features two dozen actual proposals.

Fell`s Guide to Writing BestsellerFell`s Guide to Writing Bestseller: Your Absolute, Quintessential, Everything You Wanted to Know, Complete Guide by Stanley J. Corwin
Through publishing pro Stan Corwin's insider formulas for creating bestsellers, readers can now develop a bestselling title and subject, choose an appropriate publisher, promote their book on the bestseller lists, and make lucrative film, television, and Internet rights sales. 92 illustrations.

Henry Miller on WritingHenry Miller on Writing by Henry Miller; Thomas H. Moore
Some of the most rewarding pages in Henry Miller's books concern his self-education as a writer. He tells, as few great writers ever have, how he set his goals, how he discovered the excitement of using words, how the books he read influenced him, and how he learned to draw on his own experience.

Thunder and LightningThunder and Lightning: Cracking Open the Writer's Craft by Natalie Goldberg
The sequel to Writing Down the Bones and Wild Mind explains how to transform an initial inspiration--the thunder and lightning--into a finished essay, story, poem, novel, or memoir, discussing such topics as the structure of writing, what one can learn from another writer, character and plot development, and how to get the most out of a writing workshop.

The Writer`s WorkbookThe Writer's Workbook by Jenny Newman; Edmund Cusick; Aileen La Tourette
Whether you are taking a course in creative writing of making your first solitary steps in fiction, poetry or drama, this is the book you need. The Writer's Workbook provides a concise introduction to creative writing in the twentieth-first century with helpful tips on key points of good practice, warnings about the main pitfalls, and a variety of exercises to hone your skills. Readers will find advice on writing short stories, poetry, novels, plays, TV, radio and film scripts, song lyrics, travel writing, web writing, as well as suggestions for getting published. Written by a team of novelists, poets, and dramatists who are also experienced writing teachers, this book belongs on the shelf of anyone serious about getting started in creative writing.

Writing Down the BonesWriting Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg
The secret of creativity, Natalie Goldberg makes clear, is to subtract rules for writing, not add them. Proof that she knows what she is talking about is abundant in the speed, grace, accuracy, and simplicity of her own sentences. Writing Down the Bones is "simply the best aid and comfort around today".--Judith Guest, author of Ordinary People.

Freelancing Later in LifeFreelancing Later in Life by Kimberly Ripley
Freelancing Later in Life is filled with professional tips and advice for anyone pursuing a career as a freelance writer. It is especially helpful for those starting a freelance writing career a little later in life.

Book Editors Talk to WritersBook Editors Talk to Writers by Judy Mandell
Based on penetrating interviews with 44 experienced editors, this essential guide gives you the lowdown on everything you need to know to get published faster and easier. No matter what publishing category you want to break into--fiction, cookbooks, self-help, computer books, science fiction, mysteries, reference, or children's books--you'll find the information you need from an editor who specializes in that area.

The Everything Gets Published BookThe Everything Gets Published Book by Peter Rubie
With dozens of sample cover letters, book proposals and contracts, this guide is the one source writers need to exchange an impressive collection of rejection letters into a well-published book. Two-color illustrations throughout.

Stein on WritingStein on Writing by Sol Stein
Your future as a writer is in your hands. Whether you are a newcomer or an accomplished professional, a novelist, story writer, or a writer of nonfiction, you will find in this book a wealth of immediately useful guidance not available anywhere else. As Sol Stein, renowned editor, author, and instructor, explains, "This is not a book of theory. It is a book of useable solutions - how to fix writing that is flawed, how to improve writing that is good, how to create interesting writing in the first place." In the pages of this book, nonfictionwriters will find a passport to the new revolution in journalism and a guide to using the techniques of fiction to enhance nonfiction. Fresh, useful, informative, and fun to read and reread, Stein on Writing is a book you will mark up, dog-ear, and cherish.

How to Start a Home-Based Writing BusinessHow to Start a Home-Based Writing Business by Lucy Parker
Explains what it takes to run a successful home business, including finding clients, marketing, home office setup, and insurance.

How to Write a Book ProposalHow to Write a Book Proposal by Michael Larsen
Written by a literary agent who has successfully placed authors' manuscripts with more than 60 publishers, this revised edition of a successful resource clearly addresses every step of writing a nonfiction book proposal, including choosing the best editors and publishers for a particular proposal.

Free Within OurselvesFree Within Ourselves: Fiction Lessons for Black Authors by Jewell Parker Rhodes
A "Bird by Bird" for the African-American market--a top-notch writer's guide filled with practical guidance, essays, and journal exercises, including advice from E. Lynn Harris, Charles Johnson, and Yolanda Joe.

Hired Pens: Professional Writers in Americas Golden Age of PrintHenry Miller on Writing by Ronald Weber
Just as mass-market magazines and cheap books have played important roles in the creation of an American identity, those skilled craftsmen (and women) whose careers are the subjects of Ronald Weber's narrative profoundly influenced the outlook and strategies of the high-culture writers who are generally the focus of literary studies. Hired Pens, a history of the writing profession in the United States, recognizes the place of independent writers who wrote for their livelihood, from the 1880s and' 40s, with the first appearance of a broad-based print culture, to the 1960s.

Publishing for Tenure and BeyondPublishing for Tenure and Beyond by Franklin H. Silverman
Deals candidly with the process of publishing for tenure including writing journal articles and scholarly monographs, strategies for creating a publication record, and the ethics of writing.

Insider`s Guide to Getting PublishedInsider's Guide to Getting Published by John Boswell
Written by one of the most successful agents and packagers in the book publishing industry, The Insider's Guide to Getting Published is a look at everything an aspiring writer needs to know to jump-start a career as a successful author.

Remembered Rapture: The Writer at WorkRemembered Rapture: The Writer at Work by Bell Hooks
With grace and insight, celebrated writer bell hooks untangles the complex personae of women writers. Born and raised in the rural South, hooks learned early the power of the written word and the importance of speaking her mind. Her passion for words is the heartbeat of this collection of essays. Remembered Rapture celebrates literacy, the joys of reading and writing, and the lasting power of the book. Once again, these essays reveal bell hooks's wide-ranging intellectual scope; she is a universal writer addressing readers and writers everywhere.

Publishing for Tenure and BeyondPublishing for Tenure and Beyond by Franklin H. Silverman
Deals candidly with the process of publishing for tenure including writing journal articles and scholarly monographs, strategies for creating a publication record, and the ethics of writing.

Achieving Financial Success as a Freelance WriterAchieving Financial Success as a Freelance Writer by Raymond Dreyfack
A successful professional writer points the way to a prosperous freelance writing career by showing how to identify lucrative markets and find comfortable writing niches in magazines and trade publications, advertising and corporate arenas, and nontraditional markets.

The African American Writers HandbookThe African American Writers Handbook by Robert Fleming
With African Americans writing and buying books in record numbers, the time is ripe for a comprehensive publishing guide tailored expressly to the needs of this vibrant, creative community. The African American Writers Handbook meets this challenge perfectly. Written by veteran journalist and published author Robert Fleming, this book gives writers the heart, the determination, and above all the crucial information to publish successfully in this highly competitive field.

Careers in WritingCareers in Writing by Blythe Camenson
Provides information on how to begin a career in writing, with an exploration of each genre, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and screenwriting, and first-hand accounts from writers in each field.

The No-Experience-Necessary Writer`s CourseThe No-Experience-Necessary Writer's Course by Scott Edelstein
For anyone who has ever wanted to begin writing, or for practiced writers who want to improve their technique, this book offers a step-by-step, stress-free program to loosen and develop the creative urge.



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